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Your Invitation to Serve

There are many ways for you to serve the church and serve others. Take a look at the following serve opportunities and let us help you find your place to serve!

  • Children

    Our Children's ministry continues to grow and thus the need for more people serving our children. There are so many areas for you to be involved and help nurture God's little blessings to us all.

  • Students

    Students are a very active ministry and are always in need of volunteers. If you love being around energy and Christ-following teens, this is your area of service!

  • Adults

    We have many adult serve opportunities for you to be involved. Let us know your gifts and serve interests and we'll help find the right serve opportunity for you.

  • Worship

    Our Worship ministry allows musicians and vocalists to serve. Whether it's being a part of a choir, praise band, hand bell ensemble, or in a technology role... we have many areas of service for you.

  • Missions

    Be a part of numerous local, regional, and global mission projects. Let us help you find your missions serve opportunity.

  • Recreation

    Recreation is an active and large ministry for Pole Creek. There are many ways to use your gifts and passion for sports, recreation, and fitness.

  • Older Adults

    Our older adults are active adults when it comes to serving. Let us learn more about your interests and we'll help find places for you to serve and invest in others.

  • Hospitality

    Our hospitality teams are important to insure that everyone feels at home. Opportunities to serve on this team include ushers, greeters, parking attendants, and even kitchen helpers.